My "Why"

In short, I'm a counselor because I love to empower others. God spoke the universe into existence - there is clearly great power in speech. Speaking about things like past trauma can help shift the power such events may have over your life. Likewise, speaking about hopes and dreams can bring you closer to touching them. Personally, I find great meaning in helping others to sort out the past so they can choose the future they want. Naturally, elements of this began at home and Tiffany and I are very proud of the choices our children are making as the oldest ones are becoming young adults. Credit to Tiffany for encouraging me to empower others by pursuing licensure as a counselor. 

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My Values


I employ software specifically designed for therapists in order to keep your information private.


Choices matter - that's why humans have free will. It is my desire to empower clients to make the best choices for their lives.


I want to understand my clients to the best of my ability. I won't just listen - I'll really hear you.


I will meet you where you are. I welcome clients from any and all backgrounds.

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